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Let Them Eat Colorado Cake

The Colorado cake community (yes, there is a community for everything!) got behind the Colorado Cottage Food Bill. The bill would allow for the sale of baked goods from home kitchens, allowing the kitchens to sell goods for local sale, without costly regulations, such as finding health department approved kitchen incubator space. This is great news for very small business formation right out of the home. Several other states have already passed similar legislation, and the Colorado House committee has given its unanimous support. Of course, it has great support from the home baker industry, as displayed on the Colorado Cottage Food site. Some of the requirements include:

    Capital$ in Colorado

    This is a rundown of some innovative Colorado start-ups and entrepreneurial businesses that have successfully raised venture capital in the past few weeks.

      Get a Jump on Your 2012 Denver Small Business

      Denver Mayor Michael Hancock unveiled his one-year strategic economic development plan, called JumpStart 2012. The goal is to "create world-class opportunities" for Denver's businesses, residents and neighborhoods. Under this plan, the Denver Office of Economic Development (OED) will undertake seven strategic initiatives, or “pillars,” including: 

        Dollars and More: Recognizing Business Excellence in Denver

        Troll Alert: Shield Your Intellectual Property

        Harnessing the Sun on the Front Range


        A Summer Salute to Colorado Entrepreneurs



        The Colorado business community and beyond has a lot to be proud of, including being a mecca for innovation and the entrepreneurs that are the engine behind the machine.

        Exporting – Business Beyond Colorado’s Borders


        GEORGE: Yeah, yeah. She’s seeing this guy, Art Vandelay.

        SUSAN: So what does he do?

        GEORGE: He’s an importer-exporter.

        SUSAN: What kind of problems are they having?

        GEORGE: Well, he uh, he wants to uh, quit the exporting and uh, focus just on importing. And it’s a problem, she thinks the exporting is as important as the importing.

        Women-Owned Business and Denver = Good Business

        Portrait of a businesnesswoman

        American Express OPEN, the small-business services unit of American Express, has put out a report based on Census Bureau Statistics called the State of Women-Owned Businesses Report.

        Crowdfunding: A New Fundraising Option for Colorado Entrepreneurs


        Crowd Surfing with Skype @SXSW

        A new bill that is expected to be signed into law soon will allow startups to raise finance using online platforms and their social networks. It forms part of the JOBS Act, whose goal is to cut down on red tape for US startups and help these companies expand and create jobs.


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