Incubating Colorado Startups in the Suburbs

Fast Company has a fine article out on the innovation being developed in the med-tech area in a most unassuming place: Aurora, CO. Montview boulevard in Aurora is actually host to some of the country’s top medical facilities, including the Anschutz Medical Center. Anschutz is home to the University of Colorado Medical School and Cancer Center, plus a new Veteran’s Hospital. Across the street is the Fitzsimon’s Life Sciences District, including a 160 acre biosciences park.

Colorado startups like Taiga Biotechnologies, a stem cell technologies developer, can take advantage of the relatively inexpensive facilities at Fitzsimon’s that Fast Company describes as part incubator, part garage. The founders of Taiga work across the street at Anschutz, and save loads of opportunity costs by having a facility across the street where they can work on their ideas while patching together funding from family, friends and angel investors. I think that this is a great example of small business opportunities and innovation in Colorado exist and thrive beyond the Denver/Boulder scene.

Blood Money

Speaking of Biotech, the Colorado Bioscience Association (CBSA) is looking for Colorado startups for its venture capital competition at BioWest 2012 on Sept 11, 2012.  Six finalists are selected and the winner receives $7,500.  The CBSA has over 350 members and works closely with area educational institutions in biotech workforce development. Something like 20% of the technologies licensed through the University of Colorado tech transfer program come from Colorado small businesses.

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