Upcoming Denver Small Business Events August 2012

August 8-9 “Simply Crowdfunding

If you’ve read my post on Crowdfunding, then you’re already familiar with the opportunities and advantages that services like Seedups, Crowdcube and Kickstarter offer to promising entrepreneurs with deep social networks. These online services allow anybody with an idea to shop it around for potential investors. In the past year, crowdfunding has proven wildly successful. This two-day seminar hosted at the CU Law school is designed to bring you up to speed on the newest phenomenon in raising capital.

August 7th, 20th “Start-Up Basics

The Denver Chamber of Commerce hosts their bi-monthly start-up seminar, offering a crash course detailing the financial, legal, and personal considerations involved in developing a new business. While it’s impossible to cover every aspect of the complex world of business formation, this can help get new entrepreneurs headed down the right path towards a successful enterprise. Afterwards, consult with a small business formation attorney to ensure you’re covering every base in the development of your specific plan.

August 22nd and 29th “Sales Basics

Another seminar hosted by the Denver Chamber, specifically focused around sales. If you’re looking to start a C Corp, S Corp or LLC but lack a sales background, this two-part seminar will help you focus and organize your sales efforts, evaluate your leads, and suggest strategies for developing sales pitches and closes.

August 23rd Grand Opening of the new CU Business School

The University of Colorado Denver is hosting the official grand opening of their new business school building on Thursday August 23rd from 10-11am. With many local business leaders joining to celebrate the completion of this project, this event is a great opportunity for networking and for exploring the new facilities in downtown Denver. Speaking at this event will be Governor Hickenlooper as well as CU President Bruce Benson and Dean Sueann Ambron of the business school.

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