First direct flight from Denver to Asia will be a local business boon

Starting March 31st, 2013, United Airlines will begin its first nonstop flight from Denver to Tokyo-Narita on the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock projects that this route is poised to bring over $130 million dollars in economic impact to the state annually, and many businesses are taking notice.Some firms are moving their operations to Denver to take advantage of this new direct link to the East. Arrow Electronics, a Fortune 500 electronics component manufacturer cited the prospect of Denver-Asia flights as a major decision-factor when they moved their headquarters from New York to Englewood last year.

With Japan only 12 hours away from DIA, this can bring the cost of doing business across the globe down significantly. It can also provide attractive opportunities for those in Denver looking to expand their reach, or for local entrepreneurs who want to start up a new business with an international scope. For many entrepreneurs, Tokyo, as well as other economically powerful pockets of Asia such as Hong Kong and Singapore can provide opportunities for new sales, new partnerships, and new strategies.

Given the vast economic growth in these areas coupled with their new ease of access, things are looking very bright for Denver businesses and startups with their sights set on Asia. If you’re looking to start up an LLC, C Corp or S Corp in Colorado, whether your plans are local or international, seeking the counsel of a small business attorney is a smart and necessary first step towards building a successful venture.

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