Let Them Eat Colorado Cake

The Colorado cake community (yes, there is a community for everything!) got behind the Colorado Cottage Food Bill. The bill would allow for the sale of baked goods from home kitchens, allowing the kitchens to sell goods for local sale, without costly regulations, such as finding health department approved kitchen incubator space. This is great news for very small business formation right out of the home. Several other states have already passed similar legislation, and the Colorado House committee has given its unanimous support. Of course, it has great support from the home baker industry, as displayed on the Colorado Cottage Food site. Some of the requirements include:

  • The foods could be sold on the property, from a roadside stand, or if registered, off premise
  • Requires labeling with the producer’s food telephone number, electronic mailing address and complete disclosure of ingredients
  • The baker could register for $100 or less in one county and make retails sales in another county
  • The bill would not cost state any money and local health officials would collect the fee

Icing on the Cake

It is often these types of grass-roots movements that get legislation written and laws passed so the small Colorado LLC or S Corp can maintain and grow their businesses without being impeded by outdated rules.  I really like to see these small business communities rallying to help each other—that is how business gets done in Colorado.

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“Chocolate Cake with homemade marshmallow filling” under CC license by haysie22